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Monday, August 17, 2009

Enjoying a Normal Life

The last few days Kal and the rest of the family are beginning to feel more and more like things are starting to get back to normal.We've been really enjoying the company of Kathryn and her two boys along with just feeling like a family again.Kal and i went to the golf course on the weekend for 9 holes.Kal hit the ball pretty well but both of us had plenty of troubles getting a feel for the speed of the greens.They were very quick which is highly unusual for Beresfield.Shaylie again had to sit out soccer this week but will be available for the next game as she gets her cast off on Thursday.She can't wait for that.

Just a quick note of congratulations to my niece Tegan who along with her aerobics team members travelled to Adelaide to compete in the national championships.The result was a GOLD medal winning performance and with it game the title of national champions.Well done girls.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Times are in

The times for the City2Surf were published in Tuesday's Sydney morning herald.To my surprise i managed to come home in a time of 88mins and 51secs.It was a lot better than i expected.I thought around 100mins would've been a realistic time for me on limited preparation so to see that time next to my name was quite satisfying.

Yesterday Kal started Hydrotherapy near John Hunter Hospital.He said he really enjoyed it and worked his arm pretty hard.He said that he found some of the exercises pretty difficult and some actually hurt to do so they had to modify them a little bit.For his first time he did really well and he'll only get better from here.

Just a notice to all who have followed Kal's progress that on Friday the 28th of August we will be having a celebration of Kal's good health at the Bradford Hotel.It will also double as a thank you to the whole community for getting behind us throughout his fight.It will commence in the evening and I'll be able to give a time and some other details in the next few days.Karina and i feel it's the best way to let everyone know how much our family appreciates the effort of the whole community and others outside of the maitland area who have also showed there support.Absolutely everyone is welcome to attend and have a drink and a feed or even just to pop in and say g'day.Look forward to seeing everyone.

Monday, August 10, 2009

City to Surf

The 2009 City to Surf was run and won yesterday even before i crossed the start line.Being a novice to the event i started with the final group.There are 4 or 5 starting groups and the majority of the cure our kids team were in the final group.I was reunited with a lot of people and even some nurses that looked after Kallan participated in the event.It was a wonderful event with so many people participating for so many different reasons.My experience of the event was a mixture of pleasure and pain.There were plenty of well wishes along the way some very amusing and others that wouldn't have made it past lunchtime before passing out.The pain part came towards the end of the race and has stayed with me since.My feet are killing me and i had some trouble earlier in the week and probably didn't give them enough time to get better.I can tell you that along the way Kal was very much in my thoughts and everything he had to endure.I thought the pain i was feeling was nothing in comparison to what Kal and other precious kids felt throughout their respective treatments.My highlight was when i was half way up heartbreak hill and ran past former Roosters,NSW and Australian back rower Luke Ricketson.I'm sure he was taking it pretty easy but that doesn't matter I'll claim it anyway.

A huge thanks must go to my support group coordinator(that's a title she and mum came up with)Peta.She got me to the places i needed to be on time and did the same for mum and the kids.She took me into the city on the Saturday to pick up my timing tag and bib for the big race.I bought a new pair of shoes while i was there as i left my shoes at home(purposely despite what Peta and mum will tell you) as my old ones were making my feet hurt.As if I'd leave my shoes behind for an event like that.Kallan ,Shaylie and mum have said they all want to participate in next years event and anyone who has ever thought of doing the same should most definitely do so.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Physio Going Well

Yesterday Kal had some physio after a short break due to his line removal.He seems to be enjoying his physio and it's starting to show.Both the therapists that look after him commented about they've seen a marked improvement as he's gone along.He starts hydrotherapy next week which his physio has said will be fantastic for him.She said him swinging a golf club is also great for him which Kal was happy to hear.They couldn't be happier with how he's progressing.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Welcome Kathryn and Kids

The kids got a huge surprise this afternoon after school when Karina and I bought a little visitor along with us to pick them up from school.We had our little nephew,Kade,with us and of course if Kade was with us it meant that Kathryn and her other little boy Ethan was here.Shay didn't know who it was straight away but Kal picked it right of the bat.We had a lovely walk from the school back to Nanny T's house with Kade giving all of us the hurry along a few times saying "c'mon guys run c'mon".All the kids had a blast playing and all the women of the family were hogging the cuddles from little Ethan.We're all so happy to see Kathryn,Kade and Ethan and i know how much kathryn has been wanting to come out here especially since Kallan's illness.I hope they have a great time out here and i know we'll enjoy having them here.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Back Home

Today we headed back home after his latest procedure but not until after Shaylie had a good play in the starlight room.She wanted to hang out for a while because she doesn't know when she'll be back.I let her go for a while but i wanted to beat the afternoon traffic so i had to put the foot down at some point.It will be October before we are required back for more scans so that's a real good break for Kal.I guess now it's time for me to get back to work and start getting back to normal.I don't know how that will go but i will just take things as they come and hopefully things will fall into place.The main thing for me is that Kal is home and all the really tough parts are seemingly over.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another Milestone

This morning Kal,Shay,Mum and I headed down to Sydney for the removal of his central line.You could say it's his last remaining link to his cancer treatment so it was a pretty big thing for us.It wasn't until late in the afternoon the he was finally called in and the procedure itself took around 20mins.He was a little upset just as he woke and was saying his throat was "tickley' but he said that he didn't feel any pain from the operation.He started to suck on a lemonade ice block but not long after he threw up big time.He did drink a fair bit of water as well to try and get rid of the tickle in his throat so that may well have been the problem.He seemed to feel so much better after it though and was up out of bed in no time.We moved out into a different recovery area where they continued to observe him.After an hour or so he was given the all clear to go but only as far as Ronald McDonald House.They didn't want him traveling too far so soon after the operation.It was pretty special to see him without his line and it must feel amazing for him to be without it.

Today Shaylie spent the whole day in the Starlight room because two of the cool captains were on today.She has a few faves and hangs out there all day when any of them are on.Today,and plenty of other days,it proved to be a god send for us because there is no way Shaylie would have been able to sit in the waiting room with us for as long as we did.I can guarantee though that they love having her there as much as she loves being there.